Not Human, Born Perfect

One day, in the craziness of the news and emails I see every day, two opposing themes popped up: ‘Not Human’ – an anti-gay leader said something about LGBT people not being human; ‘Born Perfect’ – NCLR campaign to end conversion therapy for minors.

Putting those two phrases together, it occurred to me that there are many people who identify as LGBT who may not be visible (human) even among others in the LGBT community. Race, gender, body size, age, disability. These are all seen as some to be barriers to overall equality and acceptance. That is what will be captured in this exhibit.

Everyone has a story to tell. What would happen if each person were to break down the façade that each of us presents to others, to strip down to the raw story that defines them and makes them unique?

Each photo in this project tells a different story, with a different person. These stories are true. The people are real. When completed, this project will include 50 stories. For now, here are the first stories


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