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Here is where I tell you all about myself….

OK, I never know what to say, what words to use to describe myself. How can anything put in words fully describe me? Well, I guess in the hands of a true writer, the whole essence of who I am…what I am…how I am…can be illustrated.

So, I guess I can start off with a basic list….

I am….

  • A photographer — I have learned that I see the world from a different vantage point than most people. I attempt to capture the world as I see it, through my eyes, and share it with others, in hopes that they will understand more about me…and more about themselves. Through my photographs, I attempt to begin new conversations or tell stories through the sequence of images.
  • A musician and fan of many styles of music (I am a trained singer). Elvis Costello is my favorite musician and Over the Rhine is my favorite band.
  • A political activist. I volunteer with the Human Rights Campaign as a member of the HRC Portland Steering Committee where I serve as one of the Political Co-Chairs. I am also active with the Democratic Party of Oregon, currently serving as vice chair to the LGBT Caucus (among other roles).
  • I have recently accepted a position on the board of Queer Intersections Portland. We advocate for, promote the visibility of, and work to build stronger communities for LGBTQ youth & young adults with intersecting marginalized identities.
  • A lover of good movies, good music, good food and good wine.
  • I am a business analyst with a knowledge of health care systems, specifically Managed Care Systems. I have worked on health care systems for over 18 years. I have worked in computer IT for over 20 years.

OK, that doesn’t work for me. How can a bunch of labels really describe me? They can’t. I guess the best way to see who I am is to peruse this corner of the web, view my galleries of my photographs…then drop me a line to tell me what you think. I always enjoy meeting new people and exchanging ideas via email.

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Photography by Gregg Moreland